Sanitary Disposal Bags


Pack of 20 Bags

Size Dimension :

Height : 12 to 14 inches 

Width : 7 inches 

Sizes May vary a little since it is made of recycled Newspaper

GreenREE Sanitary Disposal bags are eco-friendly and are used to dispose off soiled sanitary napkins and Baby Diapers. The Multifold layer inside ensure the content is sealed inside provides waste-Collectors a differentiation factor with the cross symbol in the cover

It aims at delivering the best hygiene solutions for those monthly periods and daily disposal of Baby Diapers

Made out of recycled newspaper for the purpose of disposing used Sanitary Napkins and Baby Diapers

All bags are made by underprivileged women,and it provides employment to them 

Offers clean and discreet disposal of intimate and sanitary products

Ease of Carry

Do not wash

Do not reuse 

Order today and get delivered in 3 to 5 days