Festive Eco Hamper 1


This Festive season, lets go eco friendly way for gifting.

Ideal for Return gifts during Navratri

Handmade Earthernware Curd setter pot - 250 ml - 1 Nos 

Freshly Made Homemade Chocolates locally sourced from a Home Baker - 50 gms

Vegetable / Fruit seed balls which is ideal for bangalore climate - 6 Nos

Ps : Flower is only as a prop

Every Earthenware is Handmade and its unique. The colour and shine may vary slightly based on the clay procured by the artisans during the making process.

Instructions to Use :

Soak the Eartherware overnight, preferably 24 hrs and our artisans suggestions would be dry it off completely for at least 10 hrs before using it.

100 % Handmade, Sustainable, food grade, Vocal for Local, Creating Employment.

Set of seeds that have been wrapped in a mixture of clay and cow dung manure and then dried after forming balls. The seeds stay intact inside the seed ball and are safe from insects and birds. The seeds start to germinate when there is enough water and sunlight.

How to Use?

Dig a 1-inch deep pit in your backyard or garden, and put the seed balls. If you water it thrice a week, the seed balls will grow well.

Order today and get delivered in 3 to 5 days