Frequently Asked Questions

What is DIY Ganesha Kit?

You could make your own ganesha idol seeing our DIY video available in our website and enjoy the festivities indoor and have a safe Ganesha Chathurthi.

What is the order limit for DIY Ganesha Kit?

2 kits per user is the limit, since we want everyone to experience the eco friendly way of ganesha celebration.

Do you deliver outside bangalore?

We DO NOT deliver outside bangalore. Our services are limited to Bangalore City only. We shall intimate in our platform,once we expand our services to other cities.

What kind of waste do you pick up ? what can I Encash?

2 types of waste – Paper waste & E waste.
Paper – Newspaper, Books, Magazines and Note books
E- waste – LCD TV, Washing Machines etc.
Pls logon and select E waste, you would get a complete list of items which we pick up from your doorstep

What greenree does with paper waste and e - waste?

Paper Waste: It goes for upcycling, we make paper bags, Multi purpose bags and lots more items using the paper provided to us. Check out our greenshop to buy and support our artisans
E – Waste: Based on the condition of the items, its goes to refurbishment to resue or It goes for recycling.

Can I Know the price for Paper waste?

Yes, Price per Kg is displayed in the check box in the paper waste segment

What price do you give for e waste?

Once you login and give a description and check the boxes for the items ( Price range is mentioned ) and upload the pics of the items you want to giveaway/sell for scrap, one of the greenree representative will reach you and get more details and then inform the best possible price for the product and he/she will also allot the date of pick up and the money is credited.

Can I leave the Paper waste and e waste outside?

Since we have no contact pick up due to covid. We request you to leave the paper waste outside ( covered space ) the previous night. We shall pick up the same early in the morning.

How do I know how much does it weight in case of paper waste?

It will be intimated to you within few hours on the weight after pick up and money will be credited to you within 24 hrs.

What is green coins?

It's a payment method for buying our items in our platform. The Money is credited to your wallet for the waste pick up done by greenree as GREEN COINS

How can I contribute more such as donation etc.

The real donation is to make somone self capable to earn, Buy our products and make unprivileged people to earn their livelihood.