Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get paid

On pick-up of your scrap from your doorstep, amount will be immediately credited to your cash wallet. You can transfer the amount to paytm wallet anytime you want.

How much time it will take to transfer the money from my cash wallet to paytm account.

It will done within 24 hours after you request to transfer

Where can I use Cash Wallet for other than cash transfer to paytm?

You can use it for shoping with us from Shop / Buy our products page. As these are from direct manufacturers so you get here at very cheap rates

What are the products you sell

One category is decorative and utility items that are made out of scrap. Other is cookware and storage utensils that helps to maintain your - health good and planet Green

Why should I sell my pre owned items on GreenREE

GreenREE brings buyers and sellers close from same locality so chances of deals happening becomes more when you find seller in your neighbourhood. GreenREE doesn't charge anything from buyer/seller

For what is the wishlist page about ?

In case you want to sell long lying unused item in your home to someone who is really needing it, Check the wishlist - you may find the buyer there.

How can I contribute more such as donation etc.

The real donation is to make somone self capable to earn, Buy our products and make unprivileged people to earn