GreenRee platform allows you to showcase your upcycled products in front of thousands.

Social enterprise that aims

Saving Natural Resources.

It takes acres of medium-sized trees to make single edition of the Sunday Newspaper.

It takes around 200 liters of water to recycle bundle of 1 month of daily newspaper

The saving of energy after recycling is only 25% as compared to fresh manufacturing of box from wood

Waste from Recycling industries goes to lakes and rivers, The cost of spoiling these natural resources comes as increase in cost of living say cost of water for example.

ways of enrichment by saving Nature.

Bringing bags that are competitive in price to plastic as it is made of old newspapers, clothes etc. thereby reducing plastic usage.

Saving nature by minimizing the waste going for recycle OR landfills.

More employment opportunities to ladies.

Use Up-cycled

GreenREE collects old newspaper, old banners etc. and convert them to utilitarian items like steady paper bags, fruit baskets, Carry bags, Photo frames and much more…


Resources are limited, thoughts are not. Apply thoughts to save natural resources by adopting upcycled products - need of the hour.

Get rewarded for giving away your eco-waste for up cycling

To promote re-sue and upcycling, we rewards as Green coins that you can use for shopping with us or you can donate to the needy ones.

Products in Retail – A retailer experience

Platform for GreenRee Warrior

GreenREE found that there are artists all around us that have capability to turn trash to gold.

If you have created something out of waste, share the pictures of
your Art-Work on our Whatsapp number:

GreenRee platform allows you to showcase your upcycled products in front of thousands.

Send pictures of your crafts on our whatsapp no. 9804940000 and win a chance to become GreenRee Warrior of the month. You get premium posting in our shop page and we will promote you to our users all month long.

Sell Green

through GreenREE

GreenREE aims at showcasing the potential lying in rural India to the world and make India a hub for handmade and eco-friendly products.

If your native towns/villages have something special like handcraft items, earthen pots or other such items that our ancestors were using and keeping the healthy lifestyle, you can showcase them and sell it directly on GreenREE.

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