How it works

Sell Scrap

You can sell your scrap in any of two ways:

At market rate
Market rate is ₹ 5/Kg. We buy per box as we reuse not recycle so you get much better value than market rate

1. Periodic Sell

  • We prefer this option as it is convenient for you and efficient for us. So use this option to make us successful.
  • Upon setting sell request of this type, you will be given schedule of your scrap pick-up on any days of your choice along with a pack of rubber bands.
  • You will be reminded again a day before for your scheduled pick-up.
  • Just keep your scrap outside your doorstep on the pick-up eve just as you keep milk coupons. Our goodies (rubber bands) will make it easy for you.
  • Our wizards will carry away your scrap early morning without disturbing your sleep.
  • By the time you wake up, money will be loaded in your cash wallet.

2. One Time Sell

  • In case you don’t anticipate that you will have scrap periodically.

Just a note on trust: Our system is cheat proof at all levels

Sell / Buy Pre-Owned Items

Sell not only paper scrap:

  • We pledged to use everything lying waste in your homes. We acted on the saying “One person's Scrap is another person's Gold”. So we have brought up a platform where you can Sell / Buy pre-owned items within your vicinity.
  • It can be a Car, Home appliance, books OR anything that you can think of.
  • If you wish to sell, post ad with your contact details, buyers will contact you directly.
  • If you wish to buy pre-owned items on sale, Just contact the buyer directly on the contact details given against the item.

GreenREE note: As our mission is to clean up home and planet by encouraging re-use, we don’t charge anything from buyer OR seller for this service.


How we re-use your scrap, few items we sell back to you with added value:

  • Good quality Carton boxes picked away from your doors as scrap are available for sale to retailers or anyone at very cheap prices.
  • We donate some percentage of collected newspapers to institutes for physically challenged people where they can make wonderful decorative and useful items and sell back to you through our platform.
  • If you wished to donate your scrap instead of selling it, then don’t regret, you are giving not only money but the job and confidence to needy ones.
  • So what are you waiting for, Just go to Shop page and buy useful items made out of your own scrap.

GreenREE note: Possibilities of re-using the scrap are uncountable, what we have listed here are only few.


What is this tab for?

  • In case you want to sell long lying unused item in your home to someone who is really needing it, Check the wishlist - you may find the buyer there.
  • Wow !! That has never been there.
  • We added this feature as there may be passive sellers around you who can get active once they see there are potential buyers there.
  • Once any of our registered users see the wishlist, they will contact you directly on the contact no. you provided against wish listed item.

GreenREE note: As our mission is to encourage re-use, we don’t charge anything from buyer OR seller for this service.