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The collected eco-waste are segregated and given to upcyclers to convert as usable products

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Green coins are credited to your wallet, enables you to redeem for shopping.

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The most painfulthing in maintaining a wet dustbin!?Cleaning, right?

Replace plastic bags with GreenREE's up-cycled
paper bags.

About GreenREE

About GreenREE

It is apt that the idea for GreenRee came from 8-year-old Swati and 11 year old Vidhita. After all, their generation is the one that will have to deal with the business end of climate change, islands of plastic in the ocean, and water wars between states. Vidhita and Swati thought that it is insane that so much stuff that’s valuable one day ends up as garbage on the roads (or rivers or oceans) the next. If only we could change it into something that’s still desired.

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Meet Ganesh

The magician who converts trash to treasure

Meet Ganesh

The magician who converts trash to treasure

Disabled and orphaned at a young age on the streets of Bengaluru, Ganesh rose up as an entrepreneur through skill, conviction and loads of hardwork. His team of people just like him operate in the slums of Bengaluru and are adept at turning old-to-gold. Old newspapers into shopping pouches, IPL fan flags into sturdy carry bags, old toothbrush and wiremesh into artwork. GreenREE and Upcycling provides a sustainable solution to India’s urban employment crisis while also reducing the load on our natural resources.

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