About Us


At GreenREE we think that we can keep our planet Green by reusing the limited natural resources to its maximum extent.

Our 3R principle is:

Reuse and Reduce the Recycle waste.

If you also think that this is a revolutionary step, then sell your paper waste to us and see the wonders happening in saving the resources.

Sell Now

Carton Boxes / Paper Scrap:

If you wish to sell your carton Boxes / old Paper, it's very simple. Contact us for picking up your scrap and we shall do the rest.

  • In our website, click on the Sell Scrap option.
  • Fill out the necessary details.
  • Click on Submit option.


Sell and get paid:

You will get paid for the scrap collected from your doorstep at best prices.

Pick up:

On receiving your order, our executive will come at your scheduled time and date and pick up the necessary carton boxes and scrap papers.

If you worry that our future gernerations will have nothing but pollution and contamination everywhere, Join GreenREE revolution in our 3R initiative which is, Reuse and Reduce the Recycle of waste. Recycling Process can save energy but not Pollution. Reuse saves both.


Don't Dump it

Regular Process: The carton boxes are bundled, crushed and loaded in big truck, then its melted and the boxes are remade.

GreenREE Process: Carton boxes will be segregated based on size quality and condition. Will be sold to different category buyers. Unusable will be sent to recycling plants

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Don't Dump it Reuse it in some way or other.

Recycle it at last step. That's what we exactly do at GreenREE

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